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Hz Design 

赫茲博物館致力於推廣台灣聲音地景,並且透過跨領域合作共創,將生活五感、文化內涵與科技運用整合設計於「聆聽」當中。在Hz Design 中可透過「導覽周邊設計品」、「年度書版刊物」、「聲音地景資料與APP運用」體驗不同載體的聲音體驗,歡迎各界朋友以及有興趣的民眾一起到赫茲博物館學習聆聽、發現身邊美好的聲音地景。

The Hz Museum is committed to promoting the soundscape of Taiwan, and through cross-field cooperation and co-creation, the five senses of life, cultural connotations and the use of technology are integrated and designed into "listening". In Hz Design, you can experience the sound experience of different carriers through "Guide to Peripheral Designs", "Annual Book Publications", "Sound Scenery Information and APP Application". Friends from all walks of life and interested people are welcome to study at the Hertz Museum. Listen and discover the beautiful soundscape around you.

ViVo Creative Desgin Studio

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